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Quality Control

Azimuth Technology, LLC knows it’s our responsibility to provide products true to their design and to meet our customer’s expectations with the highest quality standards. Each step in the process is carefully designed with quality and workmanship in mind. We take our commitment to quality and to our customers very seriously, that is why we adhere to a  comprehensive quality assurance and quality control program.

Azimuth Technology’s Quality Management System has been certified and registered by Intertek as compliant with ISO 9001:2008 for Manufacturing and Design.

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Equipment List

From high speed milling to multi-axis turning, Azimuth Technology, LLC is fully invested in top of the line machinery, technologies and production protocols. We have state of the art equipment fully functional for small or large jobs – complicated parts or straight forward and simple.

26 Haas VF2-SSYT; Super Speed Vertical Machine Centers with  Multi-Head 4-Axis Rotaries.
5 Fanuc Robodrill T21iFLa; High Speed Vertical Machine Centers with Quad 4-Axis Rotaries.
5 Fanuc Robodrill T14iFa- Eco; 4-Axis Vertical Machine Centers
5 Fanuc Robodrill T14iFSa; High Speed Vertical Machine Centers, 4-Axis
8 Fanuc Robodrill D21MiA5; Vertical Machine Centers with Dual Head 4-Axis Rotaries
1 Doosan DNM400HS, High Speed Vertical Machine Center
1 Samsung MCV, High Speed Vertical (Pallet)
3 Mazak Nexus 430B2KY, High Speed Vertical with 4-Axis Rotaries
1 Mazak VCN Compact 3x Matrix, High Speed Vertical with 4 Axis

6 Okuma Genos 2 axis Lathes
2 Tsugami SS20 swiss mill / turn lathes
2 Tsugami BO125 swiss mill / turn lathes
1 Tsugami BO206 swiss mill / turn lathe
4 Mazak QTU 250 3 axis lathes
4 Samsung SL-20 2 axis lathes
4 Mazak QTS-100M mill / turn lathes
2 Mazak QTS-100 2 axis lathes
1 Takamaz XL-100 2 axis lathe
1 HAAS OL-1 2 axis lathe
1 Okuma LT-2000 9 axis mill / turn lathe
1 Spinner  TTC300 Multi-Axis Lathe

1 Haas TM-1P; Tool Room 4-AxisMilling Center
1 Bridgeport Series 1; Knee Mill 
2 Okamoto Surface Grinders
1 Hardinge HLV Tool Room Lathe
1 Sharpe Tool Room Lathe
1 Cosen C-260NC Hydraulic Bandsaw
2 Robocut OiE; WIRE EDM
1 OKAMOTO CNC Fully Automatic Cylindrical
4 Sunnen Hones (2 CNC Automatic)
1 Ty Miles Cut Broach Machine
1 ZEISS Contura G2 Coordinate Measuring Machine
2 High Energy Multi Finishers
3 Tumblers
2 Trumpf 6020 Laser Marker
2 Heat Treat Oven
1 RAMCO Automatic Electro Penetrate Line