Geared Toward Zero Variance Quality

There are many moving parts here at Azimuth that result in the final finished product—from the precision machine tools we use, to the knowledgeable operators in charge of production. Our QC and engineering teams collaborate to not only make products to specification, but to make them better. It’s the pledge we’re making to have zero variance in quality.

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Precision, speed and efficiency are hard at work in the Azimuth facility.

Azimuth excels in our ability to efficiently manufacture complex, high tolerance products and assemblies utilizing state-of-the-art machine tools produced by a highly skilled workforce.

Our proprietary production protocols ensure quality controls and checks throughout the manufacturing process for repeatability—that is, your parts are made exactly the same way every time, from the first to the last.

Our vertical machining gives us distinct competitive advantages to spool up, and change set-ups in hours versus days.

Rapid turnaround is another way we set ourselves apart – we compress time from order placed to order shipped.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and superior American workmanship, along with highly advanced manufacturing technologies and processes, give Azimuth and our customers an edge when it matters most. It’s how we achieve Precision Perfected.