Technologically-Advanced Manufacturing Expertise

We are manufacturing experts, identifying new ways to make top-quality products more efficiently by constantly refining our systems and techniques to focus on one thing – Precision Perfected™. We employ technologically-advanced CNC precision mills and lathes, and measurement equipment, operated by skilled machinists, programmers, test and quality control experts.

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We maximize the square footage in our facility so every piece of equipment is fully operational at all times.

Our state-of-the-art machines have multi-axis turning, milling and lathe capabilities to perform multiple functions during production.

Milling Equipment

  • Haas VF2-SSYT; Super Speed Vertical Machine Centers with Multi-Head 4-Axis Rotaries
  • Fanuc Robodrill T21iFLa; High Speed Vertical Machine Centers with Quad 4-Axis Rotaries
  • Fanuc Robodrill T14iFa- Eco; 4-Axis Vertical Machine Centers
  • Fanuc Robodrill T21iFSa; High Speed Vertical Machine Centers, 4-Axis
  • Fanuc Robodrill D21MiA5; Vertical Machine Centers with Dual Head 4-Axis Rotaries
  • Doosan DNM400HS, High Speed Vertical Machine Centers
  • Samsung MCV, High Speed Verticals (Pallet)
  • Mazak Nexus 430B2KY, High Speed Vertical with 4-Axis Rotaries
  • Mazak VCN Compact 3x Matrix, High Speed Verticals with 4-Axis
  • Okuma Genos M460-VE, High Speed Verticals with 4-Axis

Turning Equipment

  • Okuma Genos 2-Axis Lathes
  • Tsugami SS20 Swiss mill / turn lathes
  • Tsugami BO125 Swiss mill / turn lathes
  • Tsugami BO206 Swiss mill / turn lathes
  • Mazak QTU 250 3-Axis lathes
  • Samsung SL-20 2-Axis lathes
  • Mazak QTS-100M mill / turn lathes
  • Mazak QTS-100 2-Axis lathes
  • Mazak OTP-100s 2-Axis lathes
  • Takamaz XL-100 2-Axis lathes
  • HAAS OL-1 2-Axis lathes
  • Okuma LT-2000 9-Axis mill / turn lathes
  • Spinner TTC300 Multi-Axis Lathes

Tool Room Equipment

  • Haas TM-1P; Tool Room 4-Axis Milling Centers
  • Bridgeport Series 1; Knee Mills
  • Okamoto Surface Grinders
  • Hardinge HLV Tool Room Lathes
  • Sharpe Tool Room Lathes
  • Sunnen Hones
    Sunnen Hones are CNC Automatic
  • Cosen C-260NC Hydraulic Bandsaw
  • Robocut OiE; WIRE EDM
  • OKAMOTO CNC Fully Automatic Cylindrical
  • Ty Miles Cut Broach Machines

Secondary Operations

  • ZEISS Contura G2 Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • High Energy Multi Finishers
  • Tumblers
  • Trumpf 6020 Laser Marker
  • Heat Treat Oven
  • RAMCO Automatic Electro Penetrate Lines
  • CLC Prowriter F100 Laser Markers