In-House Engineering That Drives Efficiencies

Azimuth’s engineering team solves complex modeling and technical challenges in rapid timeframes. Our in-house engineering experts have a fundamental understanding of material attributes, technical designs and precise mechanical characteristics that can directly impact production efficiency.

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If we see an opportunity to improve on your designs, we will provide recommendations for product refinements.

We redline customer process-engineering prints, and provide recommendations about applying cost-effective changes that ensure your products work as specified – with the most efficient manufacturing process achievable.

It’s a collaborative approach that ultimately results in products that are easier to manufacture and incorporate into the firearm platform.

Technology Streamlines Production

Azimuth engineers use multiple manufacturing software systems to streamline the production process and maximize efficiency while helping to maintain stringent quality control and consistency. From design to programming and calibration, these systems are critical to the Company’s operations and our goal of Precision Perfected.

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