Repeatability from the First Piece to the Last

Every part and product we manufacture has to demonstrate repeatability, from the first piece, to the 500th, to the last one off the production line – every time. That’s a pretty tall order for most contract manufacturers, but it’s how we do business at Azimuth. We are committed to providing unerring repeatability in our manufacturing processes to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.

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Repeatability is just one part of the commitment that we call, “Precision Perfected™”. You can be assured that every component we manufacture will precisely match your design files – to your specified tolerances.

Our machining and measurement tools are the most precise in the industry, and we diligently maintain and calibrate our equipment to produce the high tolerance, complex components and assemblies that are beyond the capabilities of our industry competitors.

We continually measure, correct, and certify the condition of our manufacturing equipment to make sure we are turning out highly accurate parts, assemblies and products for our customers in the military, defense and aerospace markets.

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