Match-Grade Accuracy, Reliability and Quality that exceeds OEM
  • Precision machined target crowns to your specification.
  • Concentricity from muzzle to chamber < .002 inch.
  • Precision cut broached rifling using our proprietary processes.
  • Hand polished feed ramp.
  • Custom, SAAMI, and NATO spec chambers.
  • Multiple commercial finishes and coatings are available. Each barrel is engineered to a unique tolerance.

Azimuth Technology manufactures match grade, high-performance pistol barrels for the leading OEM and aftermarket brands in the world, setting the industry standard for accuracy. We use technologically advanced CNC machining, and proprietary milling processes and cut rifling technologies, to produce a consistently higher quality pistol barrel for our customers.

We’ve refined our bore/lapping/rifling and honing processes to make any caliber pistol shoot with greater accuracy.

Azimuth manufactures a range of exceptionally precise pistol / handgun barrels including:

  • Highly accurate, aftermarket match-grade pistol barrels
  • True, high tolerance drop-in pistol barrels
  • Upgraded pistol barrels for concealed carry
  • Aftermarket combination pistol slide / pistol barrel sets

Azimuth pistol barrels are made exclusively in our US manufacturing facility in Southwest Florida from American materials by American workers. Our pistol / handgun barrels are designed for improved safety, functionality and accuracy.

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Aftermarket Match Grade Pistol Barrels

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