Azimuth customers put ThEIr lives on the line

The safety and security of their unit, their fellow officers or their country may depend on the precision accuracy and reliability of an Azimuth product. That means there’s no margin for error when it comes to the precision, repeatability and on-time delivery of our work. It’s what we are committed to providing to every Azimuth customer, what we call the Azimuth Advantage. It’s Precision Perfected.

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Product accuracy and quality are built in to our processes, from start to finish. As your product progresses through our manufacturing facility, it passes a series of gauging and inspections that we’ve put in place to ensure a successful final outcome. Our investments in precise fixturing, high-end machining, training and QC equipment ensure the precision and repeatability of every part that comes off the manufacturing line.

Whatever is specified in your design files is what we will consistently produce – maintaining the exacting repeatability of every component that comes off the production line – from the first pull to the last.

Precision Perfected is:

  • A 50-year legacy of manufacturing success and industry leadership
  • Highly skilled machinists who check and double-check their work with go/no-go gauges
  • Sample pulls that are cross checked with precision Zeiss inspection equipment
  • Proprietary manufacturing processes which create greater efficiencies
  • Vertical machining centers with small footprint, greater flexibility and fast setup / change over in hours versus days
  • Made in America by American workers from American material
  • The most technologically advanced manufacturing equipment
  • Highly-skilled management, engineering, machining and support teams
  • Rapid response times and the ability to quickly scale up or down your orders

Azimuth has relationships with, and manufactures components for hundreds of customers − some of the most respected firearms manufacturers and defense organizations in the world. The Azimuth Advantage is your advantage.

Firearms Components Repeatability