Azimuth Responds Rapidly to Customer Demands

Nimble operation is part of our core business strategy, how we exemplify Precision Perfected™. Azimuth is focused on supplying products to OEM and aftermarket customers where there is an increasing demand for flexibility, scalability and responsiveness based on market trends and demand.

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Azimuth will continue to increase the velocity of our operational and strategic expansion to support our growing customer base and our reputation as a leading supplier with the broad firearms parts expertise.

Our rapid turnaround times are designed to address seasonal or non-recurring variations in product inventories across distribution channels and spikes in consumer demand as new technologies are introduced.

Azimuth machining experts are specially trained and equipped to adapt to firearm industry evolutions by adjusting machine settings and reconfiguring line operations for rapid response.

Highly Scalable Operation

The Azimuth team applies expertise and agility to everything we do to create value for our customers, without sacrificing the overall quality of the fully assembled product they sell for defense, security and safety. We can scale up or down in hours versus days without missing a beat.

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