Smaller Footprint, Greater Flexibility and Faster Setup

Azimuth Technology is more efficient at creating higher quality precision components and products because we use vertical CNC machines that can multitask. Our vertical machine tools require less space, less time to set up, less training for employees – and can quickly adapt to produce other product lines.

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We are constantly adding machine capacity at Azimuth to accommodate growing demand from OEM and aftermarket customers.

We’ve invested in vertical machine centers, mill / turn lathes and related tools from Haas, Fanuc, Doosan, Okuma, Tsugami, Samsung and more – we only invest in the most advanced manufacturing tools available, continually upgrading as new manufacturing technologies come into play.

Building to Stringent Specifications

The powerful combination of our skilled employees, proprietary production protocols and state-of-the-art equipment is how we make components and finished goods that are truly built to the most stringent specifications. We make products better, faster and more precise.

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Vertical Precision