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BATFE Type 10, and SOT Manufacturing. Department of State Registered – DDTC, ITAR, EAR, US DOD – SAM. Demonstrated DCMA Compliance. CAGE Code – Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS). We are qualified and certified to manufacture the precision components that you need. 

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Azimuth produces a wide array of commonly used parts for firearms, weapons systems and Soldier Systems including probes, detection systems, custom mounts and casings, waterproof housings and guidance systems.

We manufacture specialty parts using materials ranging from stainless steel, aluminum and titanium.

The specialty firearms parts we produce include:

Explosives and IED Detection

  • IED Probes and Detection Systems
  • IED Disrupters (titanium tube devices)
  • Trip Wire and Infrared Detection Systems
  • Breaching Devices
  • Destructors for EOD

Soldier Systems

  • Scopes & Accessories
  • Scope Mounts
  • Laser Casings
  • Illumination Devices
  • Night Vision Systems and Mounts
  • Rails
  • Grips
  • Suppressors and Couplings
  • Muzzle Brake and Suppression Devices
  • Submersible Housings


  • Guidance Systems
  • Small Missile Wings
  • Small Missile Warheads

Crew Served Units

  • Vision Systems
  • Weapon Mounting Systems
  • Enemy Detection Systems
  • Illumination

Contact Azimuth at 239-352-0600 or email your product inquiry to Info@azimuthtec.com.

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